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Times are changing

So since last Sunday I have been living with Josh (aside from Tuesday night/Wednesday due to class) and it is nice. What is not nice is after trying to set up a job ahead of time ended up not working out. The Olga's in Ann Arbor Plymouth Rd said last week I'd be on this week's schedule (that's how bad they needed help) but I do a follow up call and apparently they are switching the head boss and the new boss wants to interview me and this new guy says he wants to meet Friday (tomorrow) so I spent this week watching Firefly and cleaning up the basement/upstairs areas mostly.

Josh gets home and we go jogging/Frisbee/biking. Oh! I signed up for an Ultimate Frisbee thing in Ann Arbor with my sister, brother in law, and Josh. Had our first game last Sunday, won 15-4? something like that, a freak rain storm showed up which made things ...fun... I cannot throw a Frisbee but I'm practicing it a bit more. This year's theme is Superheroes/Super villains for team names, since our shirt color is orange we went with the Human Torch. Love it lol.

School has been going ok, midterms are next week and I haven't really learned anything! >_< argh blargh. Plus gotta love that construction.

Coaching Middle/Elementary girl's Lacrosse went well, nice check at the end -sorry- which was nice since I try not to expect anything since I come when I can.

Parents were a bit stubborn about letting me stay the summer at Josh's but I think they are enjoying their time together -maybe not...-
That's about it for an update!

Oh! Acen/WSE were both fun :D


Birthday Cake
Awesome Kohl's gift card and Hungry Howies' Pencil
Applebees =3
Getting out of all of my classes early!
Nice comments and great laughs

Great birthday =3
Thanks guys <3


I am the Two-Face!

[ ] You are a Gemini.
[x] You seem to have two sides to you that different people see.
[x] You have taken revenge on a bully.
[x] You have/had a burn or scar or something similar visible for over two months.
[x] You believe in chance and fate.
[x] You tend to be paranoid.
[/] You consider yourself unattractive.
[x] You feel no one can truly like/love you for who you are.
[x] You have trouble making decisions by yourself.
[ ] Blackmail is a completely acceptable method to use in getting what you want.
Total: 7

Moar HereCollapse )

Done with it.

So you know, you won't have to read about my blabble.

You wont know when I'm happy
Or sad.

Nor will I know how you are.
So maybe you can think the worse of me,
And perhaps then you can be glad.

Indiana Jones

I Loved it.

Don't care.
I leiked it.

I'm on Fire and now I think im ready~

I'll make this short.
Borrow my brother's car yesterday -mother's day- to drive to work 10-8 shift
Im put off since im missing a family dinner.
Sweetness is my boss lets me off three hours early or something like that.
I start driving to Brighton where everyone is still.
Driving down Orchard lake, stickin it.
I shift to 4th
No response
Some lights on the dash light up
I drive a bit and they turn off......then back on. then no more lights.
I'm worried due to these flashing lights and get into the right lane.
Once i do, the gas peddle doesnt work.
The car is just rolling
I roll into a parking lot, down shift, get a bit more gas. Get over a hill, it dies completely now.
I'm rolling towards beams/post signs saying Handicap and such.
Awesome, breaks don't seem to work either.
Pull the E-Break and stop.
Call Trey up to ask if there were problems with his car I should ahve known about.
Once he picks up, under the hood is smokin
I tell Trey, he tells me to open the hood and see whats going on
Get out of the car, open the hood.
omg Fire.

Uh Trey its on fire...
'Like an open flame?'
'Move away from the car and call 911'

I do so.
Im sorta freaking
I ask some nice people who were asking if i had called 911 -it seemed like everyone doubted my skillz and knowledge of 9-1-1. w/e- but uh I asked some people to go inside the Panda Buffet -which er sorry was the parking lot i was in- and get a fire extinguisher
They went in, people came out, no fire extinguisher. Awesome, but by the time one would have come outside, it wasn't going to be a good idea anyways.

Now the short part.
This police guy shows up
Tries to put it out a bit, uh..........it gets bigger.
Firemen show up, start putting it out, ax the hood open, its HUGE.
I get to sit in the fire truck sorta, and then the police car.
And uh yeah..........

Now aside from running cars into walls, im teased more so for driving a car that lit itself on fire.

Now im more depressed and confined to this house without my brother's car.

Funny question asked about the car- ........was the gas tank full? 'Sorta...3/4's....Im sorry'

Officer asks my brother- "Was this your vehicle Sir?"


Today my dog -Zoe- killed a baby bunny.


6 <3

Grades for the WNT 08

Culture and Human Nature 3.3
Intro Japan Language/Culture 3.7
Intro to Philosophy 3.0
Composition II 3.3

I was suprised to see no 2.0 on my grades since...I think at least in Philosophy I was going to get one.
Sorta disappointed in my Japanese grade -had hoped for 3.8- and RHT160 sad I didn't get higher. I think my poor grammar skillz did that for me.


Now to go insane and lonely stuck at home until work/car/lacrosse/a vacation I don't know about/school starts up.
Cause I am going crazy everday.
Yesterday I checked out 23 books...correction manga from the library to add to my already 10 or so books at home.

Weekend's results

First game @ 11:10 vs. Grand Valley p0wn3d
Second game @ 2 vs. Ohio State -I believe- another win (SemiFinals)
Third game @ 3 -right after the last one- vs. Calvin (Championship game)
Lost by one.


15-2 good season OU


Today at 7:33am my 8yr (plus) bunny Thumper died.